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Services Provided


Come into my office, relax, and meet with me face to face. The first session begins our exploration into the nature of your issues, resulting in a complete assessment of all the dynamics and stressors affecting you. The important work of developing our therapeutic relationship is begun, and together we work to develop a plan to best treat your concerns. I work with men, women, and young adults. Specialty areas include Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Law Enforcement Communities, LGBT populations, Post Partum Support, and typical Adjustment stress. I am fluent in American Sign Language, and sensitive to the cultural issues specific to the Deaf/HH communities.


Couples counseling is offered to married and non-married couples who actively seek a better way to nurture the emotional development of their relationship. In our first session together, we establish the background for your concerns, and begin to explore the options available to you. Issues surrounding conflict resolution, healthy communication, trust, sexual intimacy, previous relationships, fertility and children will be examined while we work together to set specific goals. Because I want to help you develop a more intimate, satisfying, and healthy relationship, I may assign “homework”; ask you to engage in individual therapy; or challenge you to break from behaviors that may feel comfortable, but are not working toward the achievement of your goals. I offer a couples group that is fun and interactive for members to support each other while they examine their relationship missions.


Family relationships are an important aspect of the health and emotional welfare of everyone involved. Today’s families have diverse struggles, and many stressors. I am proud of the families who take that first step to come into my office, and I want to reward them for acknowledging that improvements to the family dynamic may help them to reduce daily stressors. I offer parenting groups targeting families with children of all ages, including the specific issues involved in blending children from other relationships.


Cybercounseling allows a client to have access to therapeutic support from the comfort of home. Although it is not yet covered by traditional health insurance, it can be a fabulous addition to the work you do with me in face-to-face sessions. I assure all my online clients privacy and confidentiality by offering encrypted email exchanges using TSecureMessage.com. To date, encryption is the best technology available to ensure that our work together does not get intercepted by a third party, and there are no additional costs for my clients to use the browser-based format. Video technology has developed over the years to allow a virtual office visit to feel like you are really right here with me. So pull your couch, grab a cuppa java, and sign up for an encrypted video session from the comfort of your home.


Are you thinking that it is about time to quite smoking? What do you think holds you back from living a healthier life? Have you tried to quit in the past, only to find yourself reaching for a cigarette or tin of chew during stressful times? Do you find it difficult to socialize , drive a car or surf the internet without a cigarette? Let’s work together to develop a plan that works for you – that will keep working every day for the rest of your life. My intensive treatment approach includes assessment, support and relapse prevention generally spanning 6 to 8 sessions. Want to give the gift of the cleaner air to someone you love?


For a long time, I worked for other people. I craved the freedom that I could experience by making my own business decisions. I worried about the risks involved with relinquishing my salary to set up a shingle of my own. I am here today as evidence that it can be done – you can go into practice for yourself and make a living! Let me support you through the process, helping to break it down into manageable steps, so you can achieve your dream.

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