Jung Psych Services LLC is proud to offer three undergraduate internships per academic year.  This is a unique opportunity for upperclassmen to get a Taste of Private Practice Post Pandemic (T4P) under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor with nearly 3 decades of experience in the mental health arena.  Students are encouraged to consider 2 full semesters for their placement. The application period begins March 1st and ends March 31st for internships beginning the following Fall Semester.  No summer internships or single semester internships are offered at this time.  Applications received prior to March 1st or after March 31st will be rejected, but students are encouraged to apply again.  We strongly encourage you to notify your references that they will be contacted by our office for a recommendation.  Our office receives a high number of internship requests each year, and although we would love to accommodate every student, we find that the individualized opportunity can only be granted to three students at a time.  For this reason, the following application process has been developed:

  1. Completed applications received during the eligibility period will be reviewed by Audrey Jung, LPC and her T4P Intern staff. 
  2. Qualifying candidates will be invited to a virtual panel interview in April.
  3. Vetting of peer-recognized elite nominees will be completed by the staff of Jung Psych Services, LLC.
  4. Internship offers will be emailed to students by April 30.

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